Meccanica Guerrieri
Planning and construction of high precision parts
About us
Meccanica Guerrieri Snc in Ascoli Piceno, Italy, is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of custom turned and milled parts as well as grinding.
The family run business was founded in 1983 by Rodolfo Guerrieri, who acquired his profound knowledge in the field during the years of his stay in Germany. His passion and competence were met by his son Fausto's love for mechanics, who entered the business after graduating in engineering. Step by step Fausto modernized the company and introduced CNC machines and a modern software system.
Today, Meccanica Guerrieri Snc produces serial parts, limited serials and even prototypes for high technology sectors, from the delivery of raw materials or semifinished products to end products. If requested we can also provide (externally executed) heat treatments.
  • Vertical Machining Center Victor Taichung P136 with 4-axis rotary table (1360*700*700)
  • Vertical Machining Center FAMUP mc 120 EVOLUTION with 4-axis rotary table (1200*800*700)
  • EMCO CNC 5-axis (1200*500*500)
  • Milling Machine GOGLIO CNC (1500*750*600 mm)
  • Vertical Milling Machine BRIDGEPORT (500*300 mm)
  • Lathe GRAZIANO SAG 220 (Ų 400*1500 mm)
  • CNC lathe with driven tools MAHO GRAZIANO (Ų 220*800mm)
  • CNC lathe with robot (Ų 500*850 mm) DAEWOO
  • CNC lathe (Ų400*800) mit counter spindle on b-axis
  • Surface Grinder CNC 800*400 FENIX
  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine (Ų 200*1500 mm) RIBON
  • Surface Grinder CNC 1000*600*600 STEFOR
  • Bandsaw AMADA HFA 250W
  • Bandsaw IMET 410TECH
  • Tumble-polishing machine Rosler Model Copert Afonica
  • Tumble-polishing Machine Rosler Model MK4
  • Lapping Machine (Ų 550 mm)
  • Drill IM
  • Radial Drill (Ų 70) BERGONZI
  • Grinder
  • Shaping machine (Ų 500*400 mm) PERINI
  • Grinder ROX
  • Measurung device MITUTOYO EURO 2000
  • INSIDE MICROMETER 0 mm - 500 mm
  • OUTSIDE MICROMETER 0 mm - 1000 mm
  • Cover Caps for Bores
  • Cover Caps for Counter Bores
  • HYPER MILL hyperCAD-S 2016.1 SP1
Our services
Meccanica Guerrieri Snc guarantees high quality and the fast and reliable delivery of your manufactured parts! Our turning and milling processes are up to date, which lets us fulfill the needs of many industrial sectors. We stand for:
  • highly professional personnel; we like to invest in this advantage every single day!
  • a high quality production process we control thoroughly and with suitable instruments. Regular sample checks are a given and we will gladly provide you with our final inspection reports on request;
  • our professional experience quarantees a deep understanding of the different materials and their characteristics; for all possible problems occuring during the production process, our close collaboration with our customers allows us to find practical and convenient solutions;
  • reliable source of raw materials.
Our customers stem from multiple production areas: from fire protection to industrial automation to packaging lines, the food industry, industrial, agricultural or earth-moving machines to railway and shipping environments and electromechanical systems.
Thanks to our reliable sources for raw materials and our highly qualified personnel we are able to take and execude your order fast - in excellent quality.
We work wirh raw materials like carbon steel, case hardened steel, tempering steel, nitriding steel, hardened steel, INOX steel, titanium, bronze, copper, brass, aluminium and aluminium alloys, cast iron and many more.
Furthermore we work with various plastics. More materials on request. (Inconel, Hastelloy, 15-5 PH, 17-4 PH)
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